The American Paint Horse

Cortez, the Comanches, the frontiersmen: a few words which conjure up the story of the American Paint Horse. The first coloured, spotted “pinto” horses came to the American continent by ship and soon became a favorite mount of the American Indian who favored these distinctly loud-colored horses while the breeders selected their horses for their docility, speed and sturdiness.

The modern American Paint Horse which has resulted from this selection has the following morphological characteristics. It stands between 14 hands high at the withers (57 inches or 145 centimeters) and 16 hands (64 inches or 162 centimeters). It has a smallish and very expressive head, a short back and powerful hindquarters. The breed is divided according to coat pattern and coat colour. The patterns include Tobiano, Overo, Tovero and Solid and the colours can be black, bay, sorrel, grullo, palomino etc.

This breed is currently extremely popular in the United States of America the American Paint Horse Association is the second-largest equine breed association in that country. Moreover, there are an increasing number of enthusiasts in France where the breed has been officially recognized since 2005. Indeed, the American Paint Horse is a very versatile horse and makes an excellent companion whether it be for leisure, Western competitive events, horse trekking, in harness or just traditional horse riding and jumping. But above all, the horse is well known for its outstanding temperament, a criterion which has been at the heart of the breeding process since the beginning.